Please find below the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) of our customers. If you have any questions that are not listed below then do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

Infiniti features
  1. Which pricing plan is best for me?

    We have a variety of pricing plans to ensure that you receive the software and support that you need. Individual plans are well suited for individual tutors. Our enterprise plans are well suited for large institutions and organisations that require constant support, need integration into their current software suite, are located across multiple locations or are expecting very heavy usage of blended learning methods (international schools, universities, public school systems etc.). Our final pricing plan is designed for smaller institutions that do not require the same level of constant support, are testing out the use of blended learning and seeking to expand their capabilities.

    If you have any further questions please contact us at: info@infinitiplatform.com.

  2. How can I get started?

    Infiniti is an easy and intuitive tool. You can get started by either trying our demo or buying the software directly. Larger institutions are kindly requested to contact us so that we may gain a better understanding of your needs.

  3. What happens if I want to add on more features?

    Individuals and small institutions may choose to upgrade their package at any time. Larger institutions may require bespoke additions to meet their changing needs and we are always looking for ways to assist them. Please contact us to discuss the features you would like your Infiniti package to offer.

  4. What happens if I run out of storage in my pricing plan?

    Worry not! You may continue to use increased storage at a small additional fee as described in the Terms and Conditions. If you believe that you will have sustained increased needs please contact us to discuss how we may offer a more fitting plan.

  5. If I have any technical problems can I contact someone?

    Our support staff are available 8 AM - 5 PM GMT every day. If you need to contact us outside of these hours, please send us an email at support@infinitiplatform.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  6. Can a private demo be arranged?

    Yes! Please contact us at sales@infinitiplatform.com and we will arrange a suitable time to go through the various features that Infiniti offers.

  7. Can I change my pricing plan or negotiate another fee?

    You are free to change your pricing plan at any point if you are on an Individual or Small Institution package. Our prices are final and not subject to further negotiation.

  8. Why is my audio and / or video quality not as good as expected?

    Infiniti strives to ensure that the experience is excellent for all its users. If our service does not meet expectations, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Sometimes the platform may not perform as well due to external constraints (for example Internet speeds). In these cases we cannot assume responsibility for platform performance.