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Why Infiniti?

Infiniti is an all-in-one place tutoring solution designed by educators for educators. Focus on your teaching and leave the rest to us!

Learning Management System

Flexible Booking Engine

A booking engine for your needs. Let your students book lessons when you are available or manually book lessons yourself!

Homework Management Solution

Receive homework and send back graded work all from one place.


Upload files to share with students as homework or in the classroom. Enterprise users can assign permissions and share with a subset of students and teachers.

Private Messages

Private messaging system integrated with email, WhatsApp and more, for enhanced security.

Progress Reports

Available to enterprise users; teachers can track student progress, provide grades and other evaluations.

Dedicated Live Support

Focus on teaching and let us focus on dealing with tech issues through our live chat (online customer support staffed by teachers!)

Payments integration

Integrate your Stripe and Paypal accounts to automatically invoice and collect payments. (COMING SOON)

Student and Parent Accounts

Be professional and give your students and parents account portals with access to recordings. (COMING SOON)

WhatsApp Notifications

Emails are so 2010... (COMING SOON)

Reports and Analytics

Take your tutoring to the next level with targeted teaching analytics. (COMING SOON)

Virtual Classroom

Interactive Whiteboard

Mutli-user drag & drop whiteboard allowing you and your students to interact simultaneously.

Plug and Play external devices

Hook up your graphics tablets and visualisers to optimise the learning experience.

Omni channel capabilities

Functions across all devices – mobile, tablets, and PC - and browsers.

Up to 50 concurrent users

From one-to-one to large classes – the choice is yours.

Polling, Quizzing and Youtube

Engage your students with videos, quizzes and polls – they love it!

Shared Notetaking Facility

A separate text editor that allows all participants to edit then download text synchronously.

Downloadable annotated presentations

Amazingly useful! Download all the notes and markups directly on to your device with a click.

Automatic recordings

Never miss a second of lesson. Share recordings with your students for review and revision.

Breakout Rooms

Divide a class into smaller groups to work on exercises together.


For special needs, blind and visually impaired students – JAWS compatible.

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